A brief overview of how client and channel authorization works with the GameWisp API.

GameWisp uses OAuth2 as the main authorization mechanism for access to GameWisp channel and user data. This is a standard OAuth2 implementation that currently leverages the authorization code grant flow.

If future applications request/require it, additional grant flows may be added in the future.

Authorization Overview

  1. Generate a client ID and secret for your application via GameWisp.
  2. Build a url to /oauth/authorize and put it in a link on a page on your site.
  3. Once the user clicks on that link, they’ll be directed to the /oauth/authorize endpoint on GameWisp.
  4. The user will either approve access to your app or decline. In either case, they’ll be redirected to the redirect_uri you specify with an authorization code (in the case of approval) or an error (in the case of denying access).
  5. If the user approved access, take the code parameter and use the /oauth/token endpoint to receive an access_ token and a refresh_token.

What Next?

The next step is to Register Your Application.