Don't need real-time updates? More comfortable with REST? Check out our REST API.


Who Should use the REST API?

GameWisp's REST API is intended for applications and uses that don't require repeated polling on endpoints. If you need to poll, use Singularity.

It's also possible to use the REST API and Singularity within the same application.

The REST API exposes some common resources that are central to the GameWisp platform. Currently it is read only, and all endpoints require a channel's OAuth2 access token. Currently, all endpoints require the read_only scope.

The current accessible resources are:

ResourceBase EndpointDescription
Channel/api/pub/v1/channel/*The GameWisp channel resource, contains identifying information about a channel, its subscribers, tiers, and benefits.
User/api/pub/v1/user/*The User resource contains information users and their subscriptions.