The Singularity event used to notify apps when a channel gets a new subscriber


This Event is Part of an Event Chain

This event is called as soon as channel gains a new subscriber and is always followed by the subscriber-benefits-change event.

Using Socket.IO, this event can be listened to as follows:

socket.on('subscriber-new', function(data){
    //Do something

This event fires whenever a channel gains a new subscriber and has the following JSON structure:

   event: "subscriber-new",
   channel_id: "channel identifier ",
   channel: {
      names: {
         gamewisp: "GameWisp channel name",
         twitch: "twitch channel name",
         youtube: "youtube channel name"
      ids: {
         gamewisp: "channel identifier",
         twitch: "12312312q",
         youtube: "UCiqp4J8asdkssssssssdfae"
   data: {
      ids: {
         gamewisp: "26356",
         twitch: "46984772"
      usernames: {
         gamewisp: "user_name",
         twitch: "user_name_twitch"
      status: "active",
      amount: "3.99",
      subscribed_at: "2015-12-30 00:00:00",
      end_of_access: "2016-01-30 23:59:00",
      tier: {
         id: "111111",
         title: "Tier Title",
         level: "1",
         cost: "3.99",
         description: "Tier description",
         published: true

The data object is described as follows:

idsObjectContains the id and username information of the subscriber. See: Real-Time Events Basics.
statusStringThe subscriber’s current status. Can be any of the following:

active - a currently active subscriber
trial - a subscriber on a trial code
grace_period - a canceled subscriber that is still received benefits
billing_grace_period - a canceled subscriber still receiving benefits that was canceled due to a payment processing error
inactive - a subscriber that is canceled and receiving no benefits
twitch - a subscriber that is receiving free benefits from a partnered Twitch streamer.
amountString - US CurrencyThe amount currently paid by the subscriber. Does not currently include additional money paid by the subscriber over the cost of their subscription tier.
subscribed_atString formatted UTC DateTimeThe date and time at which the subscriber subscribed to the channel. Is null in the case of an inactive subscriber
end_of_accessString formatted UTC DateTimeThe date and time at which the subscriber is set to be renewed.
tierObjectA JSON object describing the tier to which the subsciber is subscribed.

This event fires as soon as a subscriber has newly subscribed to a channel. It is always immediately followed by the subscriber-benefits-change event.