Determines if :user is subscribed to :channel

This is the endpoint you want to use if you need to determine whether or not a user subscribes to a channel on GameWisp. Since the method accepts both GameWisp and Twitch usernames and IDs, this is the fastest and most flexible method to perform a subscriber check on a new user.

This endpoint also accepts a benefits option for the include parameter, allowing you to return the benefit-fulfillment pairs for a subscriber if you need them.


This Endpoint May Return Multiple Subscriber Objects

This scenario occurs if the channel is partnered on Twitch and the user is both a Twitch subscriber and a GameWisp subscriber. This happens more often than you might think for partnered channels on GameWisp. See the Result Format above.

You should always check the status returned with each subscriber object, as it will indicate whether or not the subscriber is currently active, a twitch subscriber, inactive, etc.

The type parameter dictates what records are checked on the backend. For example, If you pass gamewisp as the type parameter and the user's twitch username as user_name you may return the wrong subscriber for that channel. This outcome is extremely rare, but possible.


This endpoint Accepts Include Parameters

Be sure to review how include parameters work if you haven't yet.

Include Parameters

The parameters below can also be included in any combination as a comma separated list (e.g, include=tier,user,benefits in the query string).

Include ParameterDescription
userReturns a user object nested with each subscriber object.
tierReturns a tier object nested within each subscriber object.
benefitsReturns the benefit-fulfillment pairs associated with this subscriber
anniversariesReturns any active subscriber anniversary objects the subscriber has. Active anniversaries have not been used by the subscriber yet and are less than three weeks old. Anniversaries are created whenever a subscriber successfully renews. See below for more information.

The anniversaries Include Parameter

Subscriber anniversaries are generated automatically by GameWisp whenever a paying subscriber successfully renews. These anniversaries allow subscribers to fire off one time use "Anniversary alerts" that can cause an on screen alert. They're analogous to resubscriber alerts used by TwitchAlerts et al., but work for GameWisp subscriptions.

The anniversary object is described below. For more information on how GameWisp subscriber anniversaries work, check out the following YouTube video:

"anniversaries": {
        "data": [
            "id": 12,
            "subscriber_id": 88,
            "fired": false,
            "month_count": 2,
            "subscribed_at": "2016-01-01 00:00:00",
            "renewed_at": "2016-02-01 00:00:00",
            "activation_url": "<unique-hash>"
idintegerThe unique id of the anniversary object.
subscriber_idintegerThe id of the subscriber to which the alert belongs.
firedbooleanIf true, the subscriber has used the alert already. If not, the subscriber can visit activation_url to fire the alert.
subscribed_atUTC datetime formatted as stringThe date that the subscriber subscribed to the channel.
renewed_atUTC datetime formatted as stringThe date the the subscriber was successfully renewed.
month_countintegerThe anniversary month count for the anniversary object. Ex: a month_count of 2 indicates that the anniversary object was generated for the subscriber's second consecutive month of subscription.
activation_urlstringThe unique URL for the anniversary alert that will cause an alert to fire. For this url to work, the subscriber must be logged in to GameWisp and the fired parameter must be false.