Fires whenever a channel modifies one of their tiers.


Tier Modification is Complex

Since GameWisp channels can modify all tiers simultaneously, it is difficult to only return particular changes for one particular tier. Therefore, this event's response will always contain information about each tier a channel has.

It is up to the application to determine the particular changes that caused the event to fire.

Using Socket.IO this benefit can be listened to as follows:

socket.on('tier-modified', function(data){
    //Do stuff.

This event fires whenever a channel modifies their tiers. Due to the complexity of tier creation and editing (e.g., modifying one tier can potentially have an impact on others), the full list of tiers the channel has is returned in the tier-modified response. Depending on the number of tiers and benefits a channel has available, this response can be quite large.

   event: "tier-modified",
   channel_id: "channel identifier",
   channel: {
      names: {
         gamewisp: "GameWisp channel name",
         twitch: "twitch channel name",
         youtube: "youtube channel name"
      ids: {
         gamewisp: "channel identifier",
         twitch: "12312312q",
         youtube: "UCiqp4J8asdkssssssssdfae"
   data: [
         id: "12334",
         title: "Tier Title",
         level: "1",
         cost: "3.99",
         description: "Tier description.",
         published: true,
         benefits: [
             //array of benefit objects for this tier.
         subscribers: 0
      //More tiers if the channel has created them...