Gets all the subscriptions for a GameWisp user based on the passed in OAuth access token


The user_read scope is required

The user_read scope is required to access subscriber specific information.

This endpoint is crucial if your application wants to work with subscribers: doing benefit fulfillment for individual subscribers, providing extended functionality for subscribers, etc. If your application is only intended to target GameWisp channels, you likely don't need this endpoint.

If the channel_name or the channel_id parameter are not included, the response will include every subscriber entry for the user regardless of channel. Despite the channel_name and channel_id parameters being included, multiple subscriber entries may be included in the response if the user is subscribed to a GameWisp channel on Twitch and on GameWisp.


This endpoint returns user input!

Note, the data returned for this endpoint will contain user input for the returned benefit-fulfillment pairs if 'benefits' is included in the include parameter string.

Include Parameters

The parameters below can also be included in any combination as a comma separated list (e.g, include=tier,user,benefits in the query string).

tierReturns a tier object nested within each subscriber object.
userReturns a user object nested with each subscriber object.
benefitsReturns the benefit-fulfillment pairs for each subscriber object. User input is also returned in each fulfillment pair.
channelReturns a channel object nested in each subscriber object.