Request the tiers for a particular channel.

This event is used to return the tiers for a channel. It is used as follows:

socket.emit('channel-tiers', {
  access_token: "channel Oauth2 access token"
  params: {
      subscriberInfo: true, 
      subscriberCount: true, 
      sort: 'oldest'

params is a JSON object of optional parameters that can be used to request particular subscriber data for the specified channel(s) for each tier. Each element of params is described as follows:

subscriberInfoBooleanDefault false. Returns subscriber info for each tier.
subscriberCountBooleanDefault is false. If true, returns the subscriber count for each tier.
sortStringApplies a sort to the returned results. Options include:

newest: Default. Sort from newest to tier to oldest.
oldest: Sort from oldest tier to newest.

This event emits app-channel-tiers back to your application upon completion. If using Socket.IO, you would listen for the event as follows:

socket.on('app-channel-tiers', function(response){
   // Do something with response.

The response JSON object has the following structure:

   result: {
      status: 1,
      message: "Channel Tiers."
   channel: {
      names: {
         gamewisp: "GameWisp channel name",
         twitch: "twitch channel name",
         youtube: "youtube channel name"
      ids: {
         gamewisp: "channel identifier",
         twitch: "12312312q",
         youtube: "UCiqp4J8asdkssssssssdfae"
         channel_id: "channel-identifier",
         status: "authenticated",
         tiers: [
               id: "123",
               title: "Tier Title",
               level: "1",
               cost: "4.99",
               description: "Tier description",
               published: true,
               subscriber_count: "12",
               subscribers: [
                     ids: {
                        gamewisp: "12354",
                        twitch: null
                     usernames: {
                        gamewisp: "gamewisp-user-name",
                        twitch: null
                     status: "active",
                     amount: "4.99",
                     subscribed_at: "2015-05-21 00:00:00",
                     end_of_access: "2016-01-21 00:00:00",
                     tier_id: "123"
                 //More subscribers...
               benefits: [
                     id: "3",
                     delivery: "delivery-messaging",
                     title: "Subscriber Messaging",
                     description: "Receive Subscriber-only messages from me.",
                     channel_data: null,
                     type: "unknown-type",
                     month_delay: null,
                     recurring: false,
                     recurring_input: false,
                     receieve_immediately: false,
                     removed_at: null,
                     subscriber_limit: null,
                     tier_bonus: false,
                     quantity: 1,
                     multiplier: 1
                  //More benefits...
            //More tiers...

Note that if subscriberCount and subscriberInfo are false, the subscriber_count and subscribers fields will not be present.


This response may be very large

Depending on how you use this event, the resulting response object can be very large.