This page will help you get started using the GameWisp API.

API Basics

Interacting with the GameWisp API consists of four main concepts:

  1. Authorize your application to use the GameWisp API.
  2. Provide a method for GameWisp channels to grant your application access to their data.
  3. Retrieve data using our RESTful API endpoints.
  4. Retrieve real-time data using Singularity, our WebSocket powered, real-time API.

Use our RESTful API if your application has no need to receive real-time information from GameWisp channels, nor does it need to resort to frequent polling on RESTful endpoints

Use Singularity if you require immediate notification when things happen on GameWisp.

It's also fully possible and quite easy to use both approaches in a single application if necessary.

What Next?

Interacting with GameWisp APIs requires your application to be authorized. Check out the Authorization Overview to find out how to authorize your application.